Tiếng anh
  • Sapa - The most famous destination for rice terrace.
  • Maichau - the homeland of Thai people
  • Halong bay - the natural heritage site
  • Hoian - the cultural heritage site.
  • Mekong - the good destination to enjoy mekong specility
Vietnam Mosques
The masjis in Hochiminh city
Date posted 05/08/2014 - Views 3836
To show you some mosques in hochiminh city. So you could visit it easily.
Muslim in Vietnam
Date posted 14/07/2014 - Views 3801
Uthman ibn Affan, the third Caliph of Islam, sent the first official Muslim envoy to Vietnam and Tang Dynasty China in 650.
Al - noor masjis - Hanoi city
Date posted 14/07/2014 - Views 3672
History From the beginning of the 19th century and on, indian merchants from Bombay, Karachi and Calcutta, settled down in the north and south of Vietnam. Around 1930 there were a thousand of them in Indochina.
Jamia Al Muslimin Mosque (Central Mosque) - Hochiminh city
Date posted 14/07/2014 - Views 3081
Jamia Al Muslimin Mosque is one of 12 mosques serving HCMC. Built in 1935, it was constructed for Saigonese worshipers from southern India, but now Muslims from as far as Pakistan and Indonesia come to worship.
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